Software designed for contractors to automate the handling of PDF drawings for taking off quantities, exporting the results into Excel takeoff sheets and comparing revised drawings to highlight differences to save time and boost accuracy.


CountCompare software, QuickCount for PDF takeoff and QuickCompare for PDF drawing comparison to highlight differences, provide products that reduce expensive time spent on the takeoff and the comparing process. The rise in popularity of PDF drawings produced electronically at tender and construction stage has passed the printing cost and time straight to the contractor. Using CountCompare software with electronic PDF drawings for takeoff and highlighting differences saves all of the printing cost and time. Another benefit to be found using the on screen feature offered by CountCompare software is that it removes the need for Drawing board size desks for the takeoff and double that size where drawings require differences to be established by comparing two let alone the huge storage areas for current job drawings.

QuickCount has been developed with pipe, duct, electrical, underground engineering and construction giving the engineer a tool for PDF takeoff that quickly and accurately scales and counts items into Excel takeoff sheets split by service, location and PDF drawing as required. Following the takeoff these quantities are immediately ready to produce an estimate.

QuickCompare drawing comparison software for pipe, duct, electrical, underground engineering and construction gives the engineer a tool that takes two electronic PDF drawings, compares them and produces a third showing differences. The new PDF drawing shows all of the differences highlighted as Added (Green), Removed (Red) or Unchanged items (Black).


Takeoff capabilities that really work. No more having to print drawings, costing you time and money.

Save time, reduce costs and improve accuracy when having to deal with PDF drawings.

Quick and simple to use, totally mobile software meaning you are not tied down to your desk.