Quick and simple to use PDF drawing comparison software to identify differences between drawings. 


Welcome to QuickCompare


QuickCompare drawing comparison software for pipe, duct, electrical, underground engineering and construction gives the engineer a tool that takes two electronic PDF drawings, compares them and produces a third showing differences. The new PDF drawing shows all of the differences highlighted as Added (Green), Removed (Red) or Unchanged items (Black). Using QuickCompare the need to print PDF drawings to compare them, incurring cost and time taken is saved. The on screen feature offered by QuickCompare will automatically compare two PDF drawings removing the need for drawing board sized desks and huge storage areas for current job drawings.

  • Saves time in Quantity Surveying when a revised contract PDF drawing is received to help in claiming for the differences or variations from the previous construction issue.
  • Saves time in Estimating where a revised tender PDF drawing is received and requires comparing to decide on the extent of the difference with a view to estimate recalculation.
  • Saves time when tender drawings are claimed to be typical of a number of floors, differences can be checked by the comparison software in minutes.
  • Saves time on site by giving clear direction where changes are to be found.   

Highlight changes, especially those that have not been recorded within any revision comments.


Some drawings can take hours or even days to compare by hand. QuickCompare will do the same job within seconds.


No training required so benefits start immediately. 

No printing costs as comparison takes place on screen savings start immediately.

Saves valuable time by automating the manual labour intensive process.

No area for dispute over differences when claiming variations with the drawing proof.